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The Elements is a Belly Dance Project By Ashley consisting of Eshe from Canada, Semira Frost from Norway, Hanne from Norway and Ashley from USA. We have all come together to embrace our personal styles as artists and the Elements of our surroundings. As you can see in our first project, we are not focused on choreography- we are focused on the picturesque essence of the dancer, accentuated through colors, scenery, videography, sprinkled with music and movement. Check out our first video below and keep reading if you would like to compete to be part of our first video!








Competition Criteria

Are you interested in practicing outdoor filming? Dancing as a way of filming and shining through the camera with visuals instead of building a choreography? We encourage you to enter our competition then! Please see the following criteria! 

  1. Each dancer submits a one minute video, recorded in landscape mode to the music: Oriental Quartet, Murat Sakaryali from 3:43-4:43

  2. The dancer is to focus on scenery, usage of colors and differentiating themselves from the dancers in the video link below. You can see Eshe is earthy with her costume and scenery, Semira is very snake like or fluid and dancing with water, Hanne is on fire! using props and colors and Ashley mixes water and air with her costume and scenery. 

  3. While filming your video, try to change the mindset to 'film art' or even 'making a music video'. This creates a different experience for the viewer and even feeling for the dancer- you can even make a story to keep in mind while dancing. 

  4. Videos are due by Sunday, August 8 at midnight CET

  5. The finalist will be selected by: Ashley, Eshe, Hanne, and Semira Frost. The next round will be open for one week for People's Choice and the winner will be announced and combined with our original video August 15, at 7pm CET 2021.

  6. Entry price is 10usd/100kr., plus transaction fee - Paypal payment below

  7. Prizes include $100 and instruction (online instruction or private feedback session) from one of the instructors of your choice from The Elements.



Please send submissions and questions to Ashley at: