Why Belly Dance?

Bellydance is my voice of reasoning and life. While being versatile, belly dance helps me focus my mind, awaken my spirit & helps me appreciate my form of body. I come from a hispanic background so dancing is in my blood. Because of this, I feel very easily drawn to belly dance! 


Bellydancing offers more choices in music tempo compared to other dance genres I've tired. For example, belly dance can offer slow, medium and faster paces in movement compared to zumba. While giving me a huge confidence boost, bellydancing also offers more variety in style from other countries. Depending on my style mood, I can choose any form of belly dance and just rock it out.


It is an art form that takes practice and dedication to master, which makes it a great aspiration in my life. I have never been much of a gym person but belly dance has really helped me get in shape while having fun. Sometimes,  I don't even know I am working out! The repetition in the choreography of  bellydance is an awesome tool as well, that has helped me build my memory.


Bellydancing has helped me meet many people from around the world and taught me that everyone is perfect in their own dance form The art of bellydance comes from within- emotionally, physically and spiritually.


One of our students, Jennifer F., shared her experience with belly dance!

-Jennifer F., Student at Belly Dance Norway