Ashley is a kind-hearted instructor that leads with love!   Her passion for dance began as a child since her mother is a ballroom dancer. Her training includes: belly dance, ballroom, salsa, hip hop, ballet and various folkloric dances.

Ashleys' belly dance training is vast and ongoing! She consistently attends workshops and festivals with master instructors; Jillina (USA), Tamalyn Dallal (USA) and Sabah (USA) are just a few of her ongoing mentors. The base of her training was with Marie of Iowa (master of veils) and Sujee of South Korea (master of drum solos!). 

Ashley graduated from Korea Belly, a dance academy in Seoul. She participated in many international dance competitions receiving People's Choice twice along with various group performance awards. Ashley is American, now residing in Oslo, Norway. She teaches yoga, salsa, ballet and  of course belly dance! :) 

Aside from belly dance, Ashley has been involved within the art realm her whole life exploring bass guitar in her youth, working as an on-air radio host for her radio show, and modeling and acting as an ongoing interest. 

Ashley believes in student development, cross training and encouraging each student to be themselves in class! Join her!